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Heidi Parker, MA



Executive Director

 Immunize Nevada

Immunize Nevada has been thrilled with its Mitel phone system and the support from Sierra Miles Group. The transition was seamless to our new system, and not only are we saving a significant amount of money each month, but we have a better and easier to use system – that migrates easily between desk and mobile. We have a happy budget and happy employees!



Heidi Parker, MA


Tia Payne, CMCO, CHSP Compliance Officer/Privacy and Security Officer Physician Revenue Navigators

When we made a decision to switch out our previous telephone system, our I.T. partner, Sierra Miles Group, had recommended the Mitel Cloud Solution.

Because we are a third-party medical billing company, we are a Business Associate, and must comply with HIPAA regulations to secure the Protected Health Information that we deal with on a regular basis.

To accommodate our needs, Mitel had moved and re-provision our account to the new Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 


Both the initial installation and the programming for the GCP installation went pretty smoothly.  Any hiccups were quickly addressed and resolved. 

Due to our unique circumstance, we did experience a bit of a delay in the approval process in the move to GCP.


But Brandon App of Sierra Miles Group did a commendable job in moving the process along. 

Our Mitel phone system has many helpful functionalities.  Its capabilities are robust and numerous.  We are happy that we made the move to the Mitel Cloud Solution.


Tia Payne, CMCO, CHSP

Compliance Officer/Privacy and Security Officer

Physician Revenue Navigators

Tania Marines Arias
 Practice Manager

Talbott Plastic Surgery worked with Sierra MIles to setup a new Mitel phone system. Everyone in the office is much happier with phones! They have much better call quality, is clearer and the phones easier to use. Staff really likes the voicemail notifications via email. Sierra Miles helped with the entire process from setup to configuration and fix any problems that come up right away with Mitel.   Switching to MItel saved Talbott Plastic Surgery on costs associated with old phone lines that where no longer needed. Talbott Plastic Surgery is grateful to have the support from a local company,  Sierra Miles  to help with setup and support new MItel System. 
Tania Marines Arias

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