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Are you prepared to work from home? - Sierra Miles Managed Services

Like many other businesses, our company is currently focused on contingency planning should the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact us directly. Sierra Miles is taking extra preemptive precautions to ensure we #flattenthecurve to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. A ‘work from home’ plan is already in place, we are prepared and equipped to support our clients, regardless of any quarantine emergency situation. We are actively monitoring information and guidelines as they are published and released from our State and Local official agencies as well as the CDC, National Institute of Health and OSHA. 

A few questions to ask yourself to be prepared:

  1. Am I prepared to work remotely?

  2. Do I have the systems and services setup that allow you to effectively run  business operations from a remote location?

  3. Do I have documentation I need to operate my business outside of the office?

  4. Do I have a business continuity and disaster plan in place?

  5. If remote working is configured, is it safe and secure?

Contact us if you would like to discuss more or if you would like Sierra Miles Group to help develop a remote work and/or disaster plan to proactively address COVID-19 concerns.

Stay Safe

Sierra Miles Managed Services Team